Choosing The Right Type of Sod for Your Lawn

Appearance and Look Of The Grass

Probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a grass for your lawn is, how it looks.

You have to live with and look at your lawn daily for years, make a choice that you can live with for years.

Since each grass variety has different colors, textures, and blade structures; consider the look you want for your lawn and choose a grass that fits your lifestyle.


How Much Does The Sod Cost

The cost of sod can vary depending on the grass variety and your location.

Decide which grass types you like, then select from those.

Determine a budget for your project, and select a grass that fits within that budget.


Lawn Maintenance Requirements

Some grass varieties require more maintenance, such as frequent mowing and fertilization, while others are low-maintenance.

Consider your schedule, free time, and energy requirements when determining how much maintenance you are willing to do.

Go for an easy to maintain grass like St Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, or Centipede grass.

Bermuda is a hardy tough grass, but needs a little more maintenance to keep it looking its best.


Climate at Your Property

South Louisiana has a hot, humid climate with high temperatures in the summer and mild winters.

The area receives long periods with heavy rainfall, and also periods of very little.

These swings make survival challenging for certain species.

With these factors in mind, select a grass that can withstand the heat and humidity of the area.


Sun exposure

Consider the amount of sun your lawn will receive, as some grass varieties require more sun than others.

Observe your property throughout the day to see what areas are shaded and for how long.

If you have trees, you will want to choose a variety that can tolerate shade.

Thinning branches in large trees can open up the canopy to allow sunlight in.


Foot traffic Tolerance

If you have children or pets that frequently play on the lawn, choose a grass that is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Heavy foot traffic can stress your grass, and cause bare areas in the lawn.

Pets can do double damage with their play and their waste.

Use hardy varieties that can tolerate these conditions.


Drought tolerance

South Louisiana can experience floods and droughts, so it’s important to choose a grass that can tolerate both conditions.

Select a turf that is drought-tolerant and can survive without excessive watering.


Soil type

The soil in South Louisiana can vary from heavy clay to sandy loam.

When installing a new lawn make sure you use turf proactively.

Choose a grass that is adaptable to the soil type on your property.


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